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Polish Kosher and Halal Food

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Sabaton, Swedish band, and Polish history


Kosher and/or Halal Bigos Polski

[I will try to create a version of the Polish Bigos that is both Halal and Kosher; moreover, I will try to do it for the same amount of money.]

Based on "Kuchnia Polska," Professor Stanislaw Berger et al; Panstwowe Wydawnistwa Ekonomiczne, Warszawa (Warsaw) 1985



1 lb of sauerkraut; 1 lb of cabbage; 1/2 lb of (boneless pork) in our case, I have to use (marinated) lamb or beef; 1/2 lb of veal (however, if beef is used, I would have to use ... turkey or chicken); 1/2 lb of kielbasa (in our case either beef or turkey or chicken: smoked!); instead of bacon, we will have to use, full of fat, ribs: 1/3 lb besides bones; one large onion or two; a few ounces of dried mushrooms; one small can of tomato concentrate; a few spoons of flower; salt, pepper, and sugar.

In  my case, I did use beef, lamb, and chicken kielbasa (smoked susage). I did pre--roast all the meat. I used both types of cabbage.

Question and Answer:


What constitutes the Polish meat and cabbage stew known as Bigos?


The standard Bigos must be made of: minimum two types of meat, smoked susage, and two types of (fresh and sour) cabbage. The sour cabbage must be soked and drained before use.

My family was very found of the end product!

When I try to make this entree again, I will try to write down how exactly did I make it!

invest in Polish Zloty "Golden" before (2012) May 2014; strong and stable

Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska "ski vs ska" ; Elizabeth, NJ 07202 (and BIALYSTOK).

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An unofficial flag of the Polish--Lithuanian or Lipka Tatars
(if an official flag of the Polish Tatars is ever made, it is most likely to be nearly exactly the same as the Polish national flag, but with the gold Cresent Moon and the Star in the white band on the top; or in the case of the flag with the national emblem, the white Cresent Moon and the Star would have to be placed below the Crowned Eagle within the red band. The crown symbolizes "Sovereignity").


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