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Mail Fraud Perfected!
Was President Willson Right?
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
At least 7 victims of shooting!
Mood:  don't ask

As to the SGT shooting 5; there will be at least 7 victims (the SGT plus 5 dead plus a Scapegoat  = 7 persons).

The sucker list is usually as follows:

1) Reservists (remember that they do not know the Gov well enough and two of them last time sh"t hit the fan accepted the initial deal from JAG just to find out that the JAG did deceive them);

2) National Guard (in spite of that they have been used as an EID fodder and sent back one year later before they would pick up too many new people; too many amongst them have worked for the Man/Gov for too long to trust it farther than they can throw it; it will be difficult to sucker them, but it is rather easy to frame them);

3) Active Duty Joes: they could not have been the reason, but with a greatest effort, they may be forced with a proverbial gun to their temple to take at least some blame;

4) Lt. -- Lt. thinks that he or she is the Man/Gov; this makes them less likely to lookout for an ambush from above, and they make let the Man stub them in the back.

As to the so-called B^ddy F^^ing; as you can see, the example comes from the highest levels of the US gov, above the military.


Robert Kolakowski

son of Stanislaw son of Jozef

out of Eugenia nee Zielinska

born 28DEC73


Posted by vincovitanj at 8:00 AM EDT
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Thursday, 14 May 2009 - 4:47 PM EDT

Name: vincovitanj
Home Page:

Why does the lowest man get always to be the Scapegoat?

Is it only an American phenomenon (sp.) or global.

As far as I do know, it is for sure an American social phenomenon; and I would ahve to assume that the same tends to occur in other Anglo--Saxon, Latin (both European and American) countries as well as amongst the Arabs because of the cultural similarities.

It is not a gloabl phenomenon; however. Because for example in Poland and Israel in very few cases anyone underneath a rank of the lowest commanding supervisor (such as for example: 1LT or 2LT) gets punished.

Why the difference?

Silent Social Agreement or Silent Agreement of the Society and the watch dog massmedia. In Democracy shouting and screaming is as important as voting; the fact that the American public does speak about this, but does not 'attack' the government msut be construded as the case of the Silent Agreement.






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