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Critique and more critique of the Polish--language historical books (in English)

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Under construction: It will be about the Polish minorities (for example: Jewish General of the Polish Army 1917-1947 as well as Polish Muslims / Tatars and others as well as about foreigners who aided the Polish cause).

Less known greats from the Polish history:
he might be on of two greatest Polish warriors of World War Two
a Polish Army's captain who did volunteer to spend many months in a death camp and brought out the intelligence to the Western Powers who ... ignored his plea for a help
Polish--Jewish General of the Polish Armed Forces before and during World War Two as well as minister in Polish governments
A friendly of Poland--Lithuania; 1st Tatar Monarch who realised that he was ... an East European. He wrote the 1st history of the Mongol Empire focusing on the Golden Horde
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; Bialystok and Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.

**--when his family might have had belonged to the Polish--Lithuanian Nobility (Polish--Lthuanian Commowealth did exist in between the 14th century and 1791; Kingdom of Poland ceased to exist in 1795), he was one of so many Polish land owners (most of them Roman Catholics) and/or people in high offices who, at least by the Polish standards, faked being a part of aristocracy to "excuse" the size of their real estate or their position in society (in short: decadence -- he was as decadent as were many other non--Jewish Poles)

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