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Sabaton visits Captain Raginis' grave

I am openning my series: think like a Nietzschean!
1. MLITARY: criteria for selection of a person for a doomed mission.
Reverse of the regular military: the most likely men to be selected would be the man with grand children and all the single men would be bound to provide money for the widow(s) and off--springs.

The craft of making pseudo--patriotic songs:



The Russian song: contains the Russian national anthem in a nutshell as well as the in spite of that Russian language does not contain the American English “w” sound or the Polish “l – ‘slashed’” sound, the Russian can pronounce the “w.” However, when overemphasizing, they do tend to come close to the “V” sound.


The Polish song: “soldiers of Poland,” many Polish soldiers were Jews and only 1/3 of the Polish Jews were in fact Jewish Poles, 1/3 was in a grey area or dualists or triplists, and 1/3 wanted to be segregated until they went to Israel. Moreover, there were other Poles such as Muslims.

Welcome to the Art of War
He was not always right, but he could not fortell the future (such as the rise of nationalism in the 18th and 19th  century; and even before the destroyed realms have come back -- nota bene: universal education is a side effect of nationalism); but, amongst the phillosophers of war as art, he has been closest to being always right!
A Swedish band making money of nationalism, patriotism, and ethnic pride.

The Book (go lower within the page for the heavy metal, inspired by the book, CD)

LIST OF SONGS AND HISTORICAL COMMENTS BY Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.

How should the record be played?
In this order:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 9
Track 10
Track 4
Track 11
Track 7
All other tracks should start with OPFOR HHC 1-4 INF JMRC Hohenfels song, or
Track 5
(the only difference is that it is always dark in the forest, and the attack usually comes at 1300 or 1 p.m.); Tonka--Toys are welcomed, since on the edge of Bavarian Alps, they are useless (such weapons as: Javeline, or cannon carrying over 4 K are near useless, if not counter--productive: Javelin is likely to knock out a lot of trees or cause a friendly casulty, and there is no valley with a diameter of over 3 and 1/2 K).
Play Tracks 6, 8, 12, and 13 as a reminder that war is a disaster, after all, and should be only fought when absolutly necessary.

I am not a historian by education; I have received BA in Criminal Justice (Computer Science) from Rutgers University (and NJIT) in Newark, NJ, in 2001.

I will write only about songs that discuss history!

Track 2: Ghost Division
is supposed to be about General Roemmel's or Rommel's tank divisions fighting in France; however, part of the song seems to apply to the dying--while--standing--ground and used--only--out--of--desperation Panzer Lehr (or Teaching Division) of the German Army (Heer; Werhmaht was not the Army, but all German Armed Forces).
nota bene: Gro▀deutschland or Great Germany and Lehr Divisions were the most premier tank units in the German armed forces even before Waffen SS units; they were not themselves part of the Waffen SS, but of Heer or the Army!
This gave them an advantage; since, they could have select from a broader spectrum of looks (not just tall and blonde).
nota bene: Sabaton is not a pro--nazi band as a track from another record should support:
Rise of Evil
Yes--the Swedes did have as questionable sterilization policies as the USA untill the end of 1945 when the US Government stopped being capable of hiding the truth about the nazi German death camps from the American Public; and yes -- they did become pushovers dumping steel to the nazi Germans and allowing the fully--armed nazi division to pass through Sweden to attack their Norse Brothers from Norway during World War Two, and to make Soviets less likely to invade  and not to anger the West, they did establish a semi--socialist state during the Cold War.
On the other hand; Polish versions (1936) 36 and (1937) 37 were just improved and even more imroved for the Polish tanks, respectively, versios of Bofors 37mm. All Polish anti-tank cannons (20mm were in fact ... machine guns)  40mm were made in Swedish factories in Poland.
Norway's hostility toward Sweden made it easy for the Swedes to refuse to de facto militarily aid their direct neighbours as they aided the Poles accross the Baltic.



Track 4:  40:1
It is about Battle of Wizna
This was the 2nd toughest stand of a small Polish unit against the nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.
I would speculate that Captain Raginis did not swear his life, but understanding that he sent to death at least 600 out of 720 of his own men; he felt that he had no choice, but to join the dead!
3. choose the battle fought in 1939
10 to 11% of all Polish Soldiers were Jewish.

Track 7: Cliffs of Gallipoli
Inacurate, because in spite of the Turkish treatment of Armenians, freedom won in Gallipoli!
There were some British politicians who (the English have always believed that the entire Earth does belong to them) were thinking of partitioning Turkey amongst Turkey's neighbours and likely making the country of Turkey disappear from the maps of Europe and Asia.

TRACK 9: Panzerkampf
Sabaton sings about the Soviet victory in the Battle of Kursk. The song is so well done that in spite of being Polish (Poles usually consider Germans to be, by tradition, the worst enemy, and the Russians, also by historical tradition, to be the 2nd worst enemy), I do listen to it even in a car at a relatively high volume!
As to the sub--battle of Prokhorovka, the German losses were very few as compared to the Soviet. In fact, the Germans won the battle; however, the Soviets did just enough to halt the German momentum and force them to withdraw.

more to come!







Directions of Travel


Stay in New Jersey (USA)

Seems that I will end up homeless, or at best stagnant

Go back to Poland and join Polish Nationalists

I would opt to cut off all foreign influence, except for trade, and promote influence by countries similar to Poland such as Sweden or Norway. Neither political influence from Russia, nor USA would be welcomed, and the German influence would have to limited to the necessary minimum. Minorities? Rights up to and above Europen Union standards, but no return to the Poland 1918-1939 when over two millions of the Polish citizens spoke Polish as a second language. My father was neutral, but was respected by some important moderate Polish nationalists.

Go to New Zealand and make certain that they do remember the Rainbow Warrior and do not follow Australia to Bejing

Regardless of everything because our cats have been poisoned, I will try to get political asylum in New Zealand (or, in the very worst, Australia), and will hope to board Singapore's airlines Boeing 777 on a one way trip as soon as possible.

Heinz Guderian tested his theory against reality during the battles of Wizna and Kobryn: and /wiki/Battle_of_Wizna

I want an end to the automatic exemption for the Jewish women from the human subject research:


Because Jewish scientists are involved:

You cannot be a holly cow and a beef eater at the same time.

And the Chinese should not be allowed to complain about the unit 731 and other Japanese “bio—tech” units committing crimes against them during World War Two.



Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef

Ex US Army Infantry, SPC “Doctor” “DAD”

Elizabeth, NJ, 07202



What the minimum would I accept in exchange for not pressing the issue?


  1. 4--four binary clones (50% my DNA) up engineered within the next 21 years: each made out of myself and women from each of 4—four traditional races.
  2. 300,000 Euros in cash.
  3. All women must not have been involved into anything that has anything to do with sex industry (vice squad included).
  4. If they get involved, by pre—nuptial contract, I get full control and 100% of money: they get nothing, except what I pass down to them.
  5. The only charity I support are the homeless persons whom I by food for.
  6. I want all my kids to be exempt form any medical trials or human subject research.
  7. I want a free trip, change of name, and leave with all of them for New Zealand not to ever comeback: I need my G.I. Bill to allow for study at any university or college in New Zealand.