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Critique and more critique of the Polish--language historical books (in English)

Year 321: "March 7 – Edict of Constantine I: The dies Solis Invicti (Sunday) is proclaimed as the day of rest, trade is forbidden and agriculture is allowed.[1] Jews continue to observe Sabbath on Saturday, and Constantine himself continues to worship the ancient Roman sun god, Apollo, despite his acceptance of Christianity."
source: Wikipedia

North America 2014

The nuclear attack is impossible, the men using sniffers arrest persons who undergone radiation treatment for cancer. The biological attack could come only from within the US government and it is highly unlikely. However, USA is not ready for the most likely and when still wrong, most excusable, chemical attack! Do not follow, be a leader! Buy a cheap gas mask today! If you do not, your friends and family may hear it from the mouths of your executioners: I thought that the American people were used to it. (Paraphrase of what the US Armys Rangers General heard when he asked about Napalm being dropped onto villages and using the activities of the US governmental agencies and corporations as a more of an excuse.) Do not be a victim! Be READY! Buy! ==== ====

 Truely Polish or True Poles have not been exclusively Catholics!
Mr. Arthur Rubinstein
Mr. Prime Minister Buzek is Lutheran
Mr. Selim Chazbijewicz, Ph.D., (Sum or Mirza Selim Juszenski--Chazbijewicz) is Islamic
Mr. Jacke Kuron and Mr. Jan Urban were atheists (dziennikarz)

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Mr. Bryan Perrett’s “The Battle Book” is a book of great summary introduction to the greatest battles in history. It contains only minor discrepancies such as, the commander of the Polish forces during the Battle of Bzura was not Marshal Rydz--Smigly, but “4—star” General, eXo of the all Polish Armed Forces, Mr. Kutrzeba.

All in all 9 out 10; a school grade: “A.”

An eye—opening account of how the Major Powers could not care less and even use opportunity to abuse the victims (plural: in former Yugoslavia everyone was guilty of ethnic violence proportional to their military capacity). Nothing has changed for better, since World War II.

Real or Machiavellian “selfish self—interest” (plus image building campaigns) spite of religious claims.

When will the Major Powers evolve to the level of Nietzsche’s “enlightened self—interest?”


The Western Allies not only knew, but were provided evidence by the Polish Home Army, an arm of the Polish Underground State:

and Karski was not the only one who delivered messages and evidence; and to whom the mighty of this world refused to listen.

W lipcu 1943 roku został przyjęty przez Franklina Delano Roosevelta, prezydenta USA. Karski apelował o ratunek dla Żydów do przedstawicieli najwyższych władz alianckich. Proponował wystosowanie ultimatum wielkich mocarstw wobec Niemiec, że jeżeli nie zaprzestaną mordu na Żydach, zbombardowane zostaną ich miasta. Innym rozwiązaniem byłoby bombardowanie linii kolejowych do obozów zagłady lub dostarczanie broni dla oddziałów partyzanckich. Najłatwiejszym rozwiązaniem byłoby otwarcie granic i ułatwienie wystawiania paszportów dla uciekających przed zagładą Żydów. Podczas spotkania z Rooseveltem, prezydent w pewnym momencie przerwał raport polskiego emisariusza na temat Żydów i zapytał o sytuację koni w okupowanej Polsce.”

From the Polish version of the article about Jan Karski...

As of the mid 1943, both USA and UK knew and knew a lot of details.


Proposal of Pro—Syrian Democracy Rally in Newark, NJ
Dear Ms. Maha Yakoub
Honored Recipients
I do ask for your support and do propose a Pro—Syrian Democracy Rally to be held in many different countries, Newark, New Jersey included.
The rally would take place as soon as possible.
Myself, I would prefer March 21st or 27th, but application for permit takes time.
The Syrian establishment has demonstrated to the Syrian people that no one cares about them, and it does not matter how low does the establishment stoop: killing and abuse of children in front of their mothers.
I do understand that USUK, after 50 years of support primarily of dictatorships, authoritarian regimes, and destroying more democracies than creating in spite of the propaganda to the contrary, may be afraid that any North African or West Asian democracy would be anti—American and anti—British; however, any such democracy would be pro—Palestinian in a moderate non—terrorist way!
Moreover, during the rallies I do ask veterans of any armed forces to start collecting data from volunteers to act either as support force to the, let assume, French military, or, if we can raise enough money acting on our own after we do, in writing, relief countries of our citizenship(s) (in my case: Poland and USA) of all responsibility for our actions.
Here, I do want to ask you to raise money for our army of the volunteers!
The recruits would have to come primarily from E.U. and NAFTA.
Because those young men are most likely to get into trouble.
Moreover, the history teaches that all successful units have been made at least 50% of veterans, including at least half of 50% veterans who have been in combat (1/4), and volunteers who had to be up trained. As an amateur military historian, I do not comprehend why standing units are never combined half—and—half with reserve units before deployment?
If rally is to take place, I do promise to be in shape by July 7, 2011; to carry FN MAG; and to be one of the last people to hit the ground and one of the 1st to get up!
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef
Elizabeth, NJ, 07202
Bialystok, Poland
JMRC Hohenfels, Bavaria, Germany

Kolakowski of Elizabeth, NJ: Any Baby's Mamas who think I am the Father?
(...)I did what you did.
Opened more windows and just left.
When no one is going to report a terrorist attack, but just safe themselves, the people of the area will but themselves to blame.
However, I suspect that they used the Mustard Gas the Italian style: 1% concentration…
This is why I have to make a public appeal:
Any woman who thinks that I am the father of her baby or babies must meet me on Saturday at 4 pm at the Main Public Library in Elizabeth to give the phone number and the address,
So I can save my own.
I am unemployed and I do drive my mother’s, and walk a lot; therefore, I do see a lot of things, and I am more likely than most people top notice anything suspicious, first.
Robert Kolakowski
NJ, 07202

And We Are Not Saved

Great Poles who faced impossible choices with Honor:

Mr. Adam Czerniakow
A representative of the Polish Sejm before World War Two and head of the Warsaw Ghetto who comitted suicide when the Germans were about to exterminate the children.
Mr. Captain Witold Pilecki
yje only person who volunteered to be imprisoned at Auschwitz; organized resistance movement and informed the Western Allies of mass muder as early as 1941 (USA and UK knew about the Jewish Holocaust, extermination, and about premediated and organized mass murder of the Gypsies and the Poles as soon as 1942). 

No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland's Forces in World II

Kenneth K. Koskodan (Author)

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Kenneth E. Koskodan is perhaps one of the best historians amongst the journalists (of whom too many do write about history) and he certainly is more accurate than majority of accudrama that can be seen on TV and passes for history.

The book, amongst other things, features interviews intertwined throughout the book, and a one page précis about the Polish defensive War in 1939 that is fair and balanced.

Over all great book with obvious but very minor pro—Polish bias.

It does not exaggerate or dwell on the Crimes against the Polish peoples or the ethnic Poles. If anything, it is underwhelming when it comes to the issues of war crimes and genocide…and it is a good thing! Since the book is not about deportation or mass killings, but attempts to show the history of all Polish armed forces.

 Robert Kolakowski

Formerly from Bialystok, Poland

Son of Stanislaw son of Jozef out of Eugenia nee Zielinski (masculine form)


Od Smolenska po Dzikie Pola” Teresa Siedlar-Kolyszko

Not the Author’s views, just an unrealistic views of the Polish people in Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and possibly Latvia.

Wishful thinking and nationalism do interfere with the proper understanding of history.

It is harmful to underscore too much that the Polish culture did predominate the cultures of nearly all peoples of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. However, if you do remind others of it, you must admit that except for Lviv, majority of the ethnic Poles in the areas east from the Lord Curzon’s Lines comes from the local polonised population, and not from the Polish Knights who came from elsewhere to defend the eastern limits.

Claiming that being “Przedmorzem Chrzescijanstwa” is a claim to fame and that the Poles were exempt from the Crusades because they were fighting the Ottomans is simply a matter of learning history from fiction books, instead of learning proper history in school.

The reality is that The Northern Crusades were, for the major part, persecuted against the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian with a Papal Blessing and Approval, and that in the 15th century, the only major crusade otherwise was taking of some Islands in the Caribbean and the extermination of their, respective, populations, around 7,000,000. Moreover, some Tatars from the Crimean Peninsula did aid the Poles in their struggle against the Papacy. It is a part of the reason, why the Polish Catholic Church has been able to be square and fair, when the Vatican has nearly always been crooked.

The word “Przedmorze” means, literarily,  “before the wall;” in modern terms, it means that (since the North—Western Europe believes themselves to be a bastion of the Christendom, and the Christendom is viewed as … Teutonic) Poland is the East European nation closest to the West European tradition; nothing more nothing less.


Robert Kolakowski


When the ethnic Poles in Lithuania started making trouble, Mr. President Kwasniewski had courage to put them back into reality; because of his courage, at present, Poland and Lithuania, again, act as one.


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Example of who was considered to be the "bandits" by the Germans:
"When we invaded the Ghetto for the first time, the Jews and the Polish bandits succeeded in repelling the participating units, including tanks and armored cars, by a well-prepared concentration of fire. (...) The main Jewish battle group, mixed with Polish bandits, had already retired during the first and second day to the so-called Muranowski Square. There, it was reinforced by a considerable number of Polish bandits. Its plan was to hold the Ghetto by every means in order to prevent us from invading it. (...) Time and again Polish bandits found refuge in the Ghetto and remained there undisturbed, since we had no forces at our disposal to comb out this maze. (...) One such battle group succeeded in mounting a truck by ascending from a sewer in the so-called Prosta [Street], and in escaping with it (about 30 to 35 bandits). ... The bandits and Jews - there were Polish bandits among these gangs armed with carbines, small arms, and in one case a light machine gun - mounted the truck and drove away in an unknown direction." —Jürgen Stroop Stroop Report 1943[20][21][22]


Polish history on youtube:


  1. Rota:
  2. Polish—Russian War 1919-1921:

Besides Regular Armed Forces, within the last couple months, before The Battle of Warsaw, circa 100,000 volunteered, including 20,000 Jews, and around 30 to 40,000 Polish Socialists and Farmers’ Party members carrying red and green company banners into battle joined the Polish military.

Under pressure, only 1,000 ethnic Poles and only 2,000 Polish Jews joined, planned to be 20 to 25,000 strong, “Red Polish Army.”

  1. An uprising:

As an amateur historian, I do like Free Masons because of Romuald Traugutt; on the personal level, however, I do hate them.


Heinz Guderian tested his theory against reality during the battles of Wizna and Kobryn: and /wiki/Battle_of_Wizna

I am openning my series: think like a Nietzschean!
1. MLITARY: bases for selection of a person for a doomed mission.
Reverse of the regular military: the most likely men to be selected would be the man with grand children and all the single men would be bound to provide money for the widow(s) and off--springs.

Directions of Travel


Stay in New Jersey (USA)

Seems that I will end up homeless, or at best stagnant

Go back to Poland and join Polish Nationalists

I would opt to cut off all foreign influence, except for trade, and promote influence by countries similar to Poland such as Sweden or Norway. Neither political influence from Russia, nor USA would be welcomed, and the German influence would have to limited to the necessary minimum. Minorities? Rights up to and above Europen Union standards, but no return to the Poland 1918-1939 when over two millions of the Polish citizens spoke Polish as a second language. My father was neutral, but was respected by some important moderate Polish nationalists.

Go to New Zealand and make certain that they do remember the Rainbow Warrior and do not follow Australia to Bejing

Regardless of everything because our cats have been poisoned, I will try to get political asylum in New Zealand (or, in the very worst, Australia), and will hope to board Singapore's airlines Boeing 777 on a one way trip as soon as possible.

Polish Warrant Officer's Hat
Either achieved as Highest NCO or Air Wing Officer: "Flag Bearer:" most honorable Polish rank ever**

Click above to buy the CD: The band sings about the German panzers, Hanz Guderian, the Polish stand during the Battle of Wizna in 1939, the Battle of Gallipoli, the Soviet victory over the nazi Germans at Kursk, the Winter War, and the Monte Casino as well as some other battles and wars. Cick on this very paragraph to learn more from truely fair--and--balanced source about the before--mentioned events!

Donations are requested!
Help Disabled American Veterans!
Polish Armoured Division continuing tradition (General Maczek)
German Government in Parts of Poland Not Annexed to Germany As of 1939
Ethnic Germans Volunteering to Kill (ethnic) Poles in 1939***

Some years ago, I, it was realistic, did think about creating near--perfect circumstances, and edging Ph.D., but at present not being as smart as I used to be and suffering from human--subject--research induced paranoia, I am looking no higher than at very most master's degree, unless my human--subject--research induced paranoia will get better of me: I think I will be able to have normal life only as far and as truely sovereign as New Zealand. In this country, I will most likely endup homeless.
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw so of Jozef out of Eugenia nee Zielinska born 28DEC73; Elizabeth, NJ, 07202
ex US Army's Infantryman known as D.A.D, Doctor, Ski, Ski Ski Ski, and Kola
O think about applying for asylum in New Zealand; somebody poisoned my wife's daughter's cats and Mr. Santiago's mother's black cat staying with us for a while.
PS 2
Poland is not neutral enough.

Polish POW's in the Soviet Captivity 1919-1924

Pound for pound never undefeated (last 21 years before I left) OPFOR Hohenfels will be defeated by the end of 2010; and “yes,” I could say that it will happen because I left, but it will happen because in a guerrilla unit a SPC can be an independent field commander, and chasing away of too many squared away “Joes” such as Mr. Lindquist or Mr. Allshouse will cause that in the pound for pound category OPFOR Hohenfels will suffer defeat by the end of 2010.

If the every OPFOR beats your unit straight up, you should consider getting out before you are to be deployed to a war zone.

Usually, the OPFOR is outnumbered 6:1 in vehicle and 3:1 in numbers (only because the other side makes up the numbers for the very OPFOR with the worst of their own). Usually, we are MILES—2’up as BRM’s, BMP’s, T-80’s, and (the only exception) TOW missile BRM’s.

The main reason why to a Pole, nazi == German because from the Polish perspective, in the majority of cases, there was no substantial difference. Moreover, to the Poles the nazi were just a continuation and evoluation of the German ethnic policies used in the Western Poland (e.g.; Poznan or Posen area) between 1795 and 1918. There were not a deviance, but an integral part of the German culture: a natural outcome of the last 300 years before World War Two, if not of the last 1000 years. The Poles would have said "They have not gotten that murderous, but from our expereince, this is normal for the Germans."

Besides; the non—involved Go Go Pizza owner, who, in my over—suspicious state of mind, I did wrongly assume that he had been involved – he had been not involved; there is only one person on this Earth that I do owe apologies to.

When I was working at Oak—Grand Motel, I did have an “affair” with a woman. The sex was great, so she kept on coming back, but because of my well—hidden hate of my own … (nothing to be proud of – I will not spell it out!), she became the one that I did eventually pour all the hate into.

I did become like the Demon both satisfying her sexual needs and being vicious to her.

I do apologize!

Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef out of Eugenia Zielinska;

Born 28DEC73 in BiaLystok, Poland;

Elizabeth, NJ, 07202 (Bayway area).

VISIT MY BLOG VENI VIDI VICI in real Latin (not the 19th century Church or Italian version): "weni, widi, wici."

The Myth of American Individualism

KOLAKOWSKI (myself) Profile?

Tobruk Rats Learn how the Poles (and Brits) tried to put brave in the "Phrench!" 10 to 11% Polish soldiers were Jews! Some were Muslims.

This link shows that there is no saints in war; and that truth at times may be inconvenient. It also explains, why the Poles, with respect to the majority of the Polish National Forces (who were not the Home Army, nor Farmers' Battalions) or the Israelis, with respect to the majority of Mr. Stern's men celebrate them as freedom fighters.

Historical Controversy over the book and the movie Defiance




Gen. Maczek's men: undefeated in 1920, 1939, 1940 and until the end of World War Two (read more: click here).

Al-Qaida, Taliban, all those freaks are not so tough -
- if after the invasion of Iraq, Iranians did not become paranoid, they all would be already gone!
If Bush's crew was capable of humility and truly believed in God, they would have realized that it was God's Will that they captured and killed the man who tried to re--build Babylon! It is in the Torah, it is in the Bible, but the religious atheists do not read it, and the proud are incapable of understanding it.
The day, they fulfilled God's Will (killed Sadam Hussein) half the troops from Iraq that did not yet become hostile towards local should have been transferred to Afghanistan and the other half sent home.
My self, I do challenge any Muslim extremist to take me out!
I did go through OPFOR and I know one or two things about Partisan warfare.
I do challenge those minuscule S.O.B.'s to take out an unimportant unprotected man from Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA; and I will keep them updated on my movement and whereabouts up to a day.
If anyone wants to stay close to me to be in the fight on my side, I do welcome support!
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef;
born 28DEC73;

The story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising told by the only surviving Commander of the Jewish Combat Union.

Resisting the Holocaust: Fighting Back in the Warsaw Ghetto (Radical History)

1. Have you ever seen that cool dude shooting himself with a large calibre handgun? Cool? Was not it?
Well, there is a reason why your NCO’s tell you not to hit the flack vests also known as IBA with armour plating—the armour plating internal structure gets damaged by pounding. If your IBA is over 3 months old and you had to hit the dirt every other day, at a close range, it may allow a single round from a 9 mm to penetrate and inflict a wound.
How do I know?
The Scouts Platoon of HHC on the balcony of the SPC (P) DaCosta’s home did research the above by shooting US Army’s 9mm at a Scout wearing IBA with armour plating from 25 feet away – within an hour, after the experiment, they did collect enough money to treat him in a German Hospital on the German economy.
2. All armoured transports are impervious to RPG’s because the armour has been upgraded and because you can just drive away (if you are expecting the round to come and your engine is on and you are in Drive with your foot ready to step off the break and to step on the gas).  1st, the newest RPG models do penetrate up to two layers of reactive armour before delivering the main charge; 9 out 10 vehicles have not driven away; a Bradley that was hit at the same time by 7 RPG rounds fired from only 100 feet away was, but destroyed, and the crew member died.
3. Learn from Waffen SS General Sepp Dietrich.
Unlike most nazi, he did not spread propaganda. He gave his enemies respect when respect was due. He did write highly of the Polish soldiers during the September’1939 Campaign and later during the war.
Do not ever belittle your enemies.
If you belittle your enemies, you make your victory against them to look like a walk over, and all your dead buddies like victims of friendly fire and your own sloppy performance as a warrior.
During the 1970’s meeting between the veterans of the Battle of Kursk, the wisdom took the upper hand, and both the nazi and the Soviet veterans of the Battle of Prokhorovka (the largest tank battle within the Battle of Kursk) decided to start telling stories about the day looking like night and about tank men unable to see their enemies and running into their tanks.
In fact, the 1st two waves of the Soviet and German tanks were considered by both parties to be scrape metal, and, the Soviet counter parts, knowing that in the first two waves they were using obsolete tanks, were told to close on the enemy at maximum speed and fire off two rounds from within 100 m (330 feet). There was a lot of tanks and artillery on fire and a lot of smoke, but nothing close to darkness of a night, a lot of tank men from abandoned tanks running around and killing each other, and small Soviet squads with heavy machine guns designated to kill Germans support vehicles, shoot at the periscopes of the German tanks, German tank commanders, and to knock off treads of the German tanks, who in fact were fighting against the German tank—support Infantry.
It was a hell because; it was a gloomy, chaotic battlefield full of death and suffering.
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.
PS For more go to

An Example of Ethnic Violence during World War Two within the borders of the pre--War Poland:

Does Left Lie?
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef, Elizabeth, NJ
ex-SPC US Army




Ostrzegam przed amerykanskimi lekarzami (z Polski czy z USA); tacy
ludzie jak Sw. P. Doktor Wujciak z Newarku to sa tylko jednostki:
wiekszosc ameryaknskich lekarzy nie zasluguje na to, by ich nazywac
Jezeli ktorys sie bedzie madrzyl, to odnoscie sie do nich przez "Doctor Dude" i "Professor Vanessa of T.H.A.F. cartoon" lub "Porfessor Lee from Franek Kimono."
Prosze absolutnie nie wierzyc holocie, ktora teraz pracuje w tym samym
budynku, co pan Wujciak leczyl.
Leczyc sie? To jedz do Polski!

Cover my Butt number ?23
I just have stepped home coming back with my wife, Annie/Anne Mae/May Lehnhardt--Kolakowski nee DeVone and her daughter and her daughter's child. On our wya back, we did not halt or stop. None of us has dropped--off any mail today, Thursday, by 08:24 p.m.; most especially not on the South Elmora Avenue.
Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of STANISLAW, born 28DEC73 in Bialystok Poland, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 07202, ex-SPC US Army Infantry ...

I would like to thank SGT (P) Arias who...
...just before he left JMRC Hohenfels substituted for me, so I was able to earn Bronze Cord from the Germany Army.
Thank you SGT (P) Arias!
Robert KOLAKOWSKI son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73;  out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska "ski vs ska;" from Elizabeth, NJ, 07202; ex-SPC US Army Infnatry (born in Bialystok at 1515).

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How demoralized was the Polish military by the late September?

nota bene (Note Well)

I am the "casualty" in the Best Soldier/NCO'2006
Competition Within USAREUS

Jewish Poles welcome Pilsudski in 1920
Jewish Poles welcome Pilsudski in 1920

Jewish Poles welcome Marshal Pilsudski and his forces with bread and salt to their town during the Polish counter--offensive during the Polish--Bolshevik War in 1920.

Always a ...
Blue Spinning Check Mark
10--Dollar Store

Myself: SPC Robert Kolakowski in the (US) OPFOR
Uniform based on 7th Serb Waffen SS Uniforms

Eat Well or Learn How to Solve Your Debts!

Lafayette's Mr Cooper and Mr Fauntleroy

Two (US) Americans flying with the French during World War I aid Polish and West Ukrainian (and Latvian) forces from the air during the Polish--(Bolshevik--lead) Russian War of 1919-1920

More to come 

We Have Them All
20 Dollars and Less: Best Selling Books!

nazi--Soviet celebration October'1939

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You can e-mail us at:
  US Army
JRMC Hohenfels/AE
  My ASVAB scores: ASVAB: 99
GT: 139 GM: 132 EL: 135 CL: 139 MM: 128 SC: 137 CO: 133 FA: 133 OF: 132
ST: 135
OPFOR: Infantry/Scouts; primary job helping the mechanics fix "Hammers;" secondary jobs: shooting M-249, M-240 and M-16 as well as driving the "Hammer." I did receive Bronze Cord from the Germany Army for qualifying with the German pistol, assult rifle, and automatic rifle. I did appear (my picture) in a professional magazine as the man playing a casualty during the USARESUS' Soldier/NCO of the Year'2006.

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The rank has been achieved over centuries through merit, and it usually took either a great courage and/or a great skill and/or a great skillful effort to achieve it. Because the rank is so hard to achieve (irrelevant of the avenue used to achieve it), the Polish Warrant Officers have been known for great integrity. At the end of the Polish Defensive War in 1939, a Polish Warrant Officer threatened with death and asked to provide the list of Jewish soldiers, NCO's, and other officers did refuse.
Chorazy (Warrant Officer in Polish) means Banner (Flag) Bearer 
nota bene "MFr's," what do you do when you see a warrant officer?
He or she is an officer who was promoted by the Army or Marine Corps or Navy or Air Force and not by the Cogress and President; to me his or her rank is more deserved than some phony letter from a Senator.

Breasts' Implants:
The way it should be:
1. You should not have breast implants unless your breasts are being reconstructed.
2. Once you have them: you should not remove them before you get married; if anything, you should make them larger for your husband, even if you will need a wheelbarrow. There is no reason to disrespect him by letting him enjoy scars.
3. Your husband is likely to tell you to remove them for your health, most especially if you will carry his child.
4. This is all just common sense. If you cannot follow any of the above do not drug any man into marriage -- do yourself and him a favour. One more thing: initially your husband will use the outmost imagination to outdo (and how impossible it seems, he, 99 out of 100, will succeed) anything bad that has been done to you by other man; the only way out of it is to get pregnant and get pregnant with him and only him because he will be paranoid. The only time that you should not get pregnant and get out of the marriage is when he tries to share you with his friends or forces you into prostitution -- you are just his sl** or wh** and not his wife.
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef out of Eugenia nee Zielinska
ELizabeth, NJ, 07202