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Soldiers' Basics

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Soldiers' Basics

My own self: "Ski" "Doctor"

  US Army
JRMC Hohenfels/AE
  My ASVAB scores: ASVAB: 99
GT: 139 GM: 132 EL: 135 CL: 139 MM: 128 SC: 137 CO: 133 FA: 133 OF: 132
ST: 135
OPFOR: Infantry/Scouts; primary job helping the mechanics fix "Hammers;" secondary jobs: shooting M-249, M-240 and M-16 as well as driving the "Hammer." I did receive Bronze Cord from the Germany Army for qualifying with the German pistol, assult rifle, and automatic rifle. I did appear (my picture) in a professional magazine as the man playing a casualty during the USARESUS' Soldier/NCO of the Year'2006.

US Army for Dumbos: Discharges:


Unless you die or run away to a far away country, you will be discharged, one way or the other.

Characterizations simplified:


Honorable (Go or Passing Grade):

"A" Honorable

"B" Under Honorable Conditions

Neutral (Go or Passing Grade, but by the slimmest margin)

"C" General Discharge with no characterization

Dishonorable (No Go or Failing Grade):

"D" Less the Honorable

"F" Dishonorable


How to avoid bad characterization?

If you have already gotten into trouble, you must serve 6--six years to achieve a fully "A" Honorable Discharge, even if your re--enlistment code will be "0" or "we will not call you back even if a million troops of the Red Chinese Army has already landed within one kilometer from the White House."


Example of how not to act:

In the barracks, the upper echelon may put pressure on you (example: Major Clay threatening three soldiers who came back from Afghanistan injured and who, by talking amongst themselves, were spreading rumors about how cowardly was their Company's CO; I want to assure you that among commanders neither from HHC "Head Hunters, " nor from Alpha/Apache also known as Alphatraz there were no cowards. I do not remember which of the other two companies that was, and I do not want to remember...I believe that the situation was resolved amicably; the three soldiers got transferred and as long as they faked respect, saluted, their former commander, Mr. Clay left them alone), in the war zone, they may put even more pressure on you plus it is easier to play with your head (it is hard to think straight when you get stabbed in the back). This is what happened to my wife's distant friend.

He did agree to a 4-year extension on top of initial 4 years.

He went AWOL as of 5th year, and was gone!

They caught him, put him in jail, and hooked him up with Dishonorable: Less--then--Honorable Discharge.

He should have been shrewd!

He should not have told anyone except his SGT or SSG (one person only!) that he wants to get out (no details; just "I want to get out."). Most SGT's or SSG's would help him, since he was deployed and otherwise a good soldier: they rather that he gets out and possibly comes back than to loose him forever.

When a situation occurred, SSG Oravsky has done the same for me. Thank you! “Doctor”

“Ski” D.A.D.” SPC “Ski” SPC Robert Kolakowski (Elizabeth, NJ)

At the time, he was my Squad Leader, and later, my last P.S.

They would most likely make him wait until the end of the sixth year of service to make double certain that he gets Honorable: (fully) Honorable discharge, an “A.”


Unless, you have a way of escaping to a none--NATO and non—Middle Eastern state, do not run away!

What if you ran away to Australia?

They will not ask for you!

For two reasons:

-1) too much money and effort;

-2) this would mean that you not just fed up with the military, but with the USA and the Northern Hemisphere; they do not need you, not even in the stockade.



when being dischrged try to improve on your PT as well as cleanliness of your uniform and your of your room.

RK born 28DEC73




1. Have you ever seen that cool dude shooting himself with a large calibre handgun? Cool? Was not it?
Well, there is a reason why your NCO’s tell you not to hit the flack vests also known as IBA with armour plating—the armour plating internal structure gets damaged by pounding. If your IBA is over 3 months old and you had to hit the dirt every other day, at a close range, it may allow a single round from a 9 mm to penetrate and inflict a wound.
How do I know?
The Scouts Platoon of HHC on the balcony of the SPC (P) DaCosta’s home did research the above by shooting US Army’s 9mm at a Scout wearing IBA with armour plating from 25 feet away – within an hour, after the experiment, they did collect enough money to treat him in a German Hospital on the German economy.
2. All armoured transports are impervious to RPG’s because the armour has been upgraded and because you can just drive away (if you are expecting the round to come and your engine is on and you are in Drive with your foot ready to step off the break and to step on the gas).  1st, the newest RPG models do penetrate up to two layers of reactive armour before delivering the main charge; 9 out 10 vehicles have not driven away; a Bradley that was hit at the same time by 7 RPG rounds fired from only 100 feet away was, but destroyed, and the crew member died.
3. Learn from Waffen SS General Sepp Dietrich.
Unlike most nazi, he did not spread propaganda. He gave his enemies respect when respect was due. He did write highly of the Polish soldiers during the September’1939 Campaign and later during the war.
Do not ever belittle your enemies.
If you belittle your enemies, you make your victory against them to look like a walk over, and all your dead buddies like victims of friendly fire and your own sloppy performance as a warrior.
During the 1970’s meeting between the veterans of the Battle of Kursk, the wisdom took the upper hand, and both the nazi and the Soviet veterans of the Battle of Prokhorovka (the largest tank battle within the Battle of Kursk) decided to start telling stories about the day looking like night and about tank men unable to see their enemies and running into their tanks.
In fact, the 1st two waves of the Soviet and German tanks was considered by both parties to be scrape metal, and, the Soviet counter parts, knowing that in the first two waves they were using obsolete tanks, were told to close on the enemy at maximum speed and fire off two rounds from within 100 m (330 feet). There was a lot of tanks and artillery on fire and a lot of smoke, but nothing close to darkness of a night, a lot of tank men from abandoned tanks running around and killing each other, and small Soviet squads with heavy machine guns designated to kill Germans support vehicles, shoot at the periscopes of the German tanks, German tank commanders, and to knock off treads of the German tanks, who in fact were fighting against the German tank—support Infantry.
It was a hell because; it was a gloomy, chaotic battlefield full of death and suffering.
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.
PS For more go to

Soldiers Basic Knowledge Page: For more info and to check on my knowledge access this book store: CLICK! I remember my DS (not from my Platoon, but out Company) Mr. SSG (P) Asberry at Ft Bening, he did explain to us something that every soldier should know (it can save lives; I will demonstrate later with an example from the Military Channel): How does a hand grenade kill? Choose the best answer (both are correct, one is more correct than the other): a) shock wave, b) Shrapnel. OK It is shock wave. How come? 1st, vast majority of the hand grenades the US troops have been using, since the 1980's have been offensive. Watch the movie , or read carefully: a hand grenade is small, and its walls do expand very rapidly moving huge quantities of air – the film makers who show the soldiers flying through the air after a hand grenade explodes exaggerate only a little, if at all. Example: simply watch the end of the movie (one hour) about the clearing of a holly city in Iraq; a squad of Joes or Marines throws their six hand grenades away (nota bene: if they were from HHC 1-4 INF REG in JMRC Hohenfels their leader would face UCMJ; not so in case of Bravo, Charlie, or Alpha companies, since they are not held to as a high standard as we have been in the Head Quarters’ Company) to possibly kill one wounded three times man who disappeared behind a wall. Later on, their buddy, who goes behind the wall walks in front of a window, and sees an insurgent with enormous amount of firearms and explosives. He hides by the window and tries to shoot him with a rifle. If he still had a hand grenade, all he would have needed would be to arm it, count “1001,” “1002,” and toss it in while falling away from the wall. Why the cook—off, so the insurgent would not toss it back at him. Their buddy dies because they do not know the most basic principle of how does the hand grenade primarily kill! Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef, born 28DEC73, out of Eugenia Kolakowska, ex-SPC US Army HHC OPFOR 1-4 INF BAT JMRC Hohenfels, Franconia--Bavaria, Germany Elizabeth, NJ (Bialystok, Podlasie)