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Last day of May, 2011:

7 miles – 4 days
3 miles – 3 days
2 miles – 1 day
2.5 miles –1 day
1.5 miles + 1 mile, - 1 day, was the worst! I drank three quart bottles of water before the run and of such a bottle during the run; the rest, I used to cool off my body.
I tried to run at 6 p.m. I made it in the Warinanco Park in Roselle/Elizabeth, NJ, from the chosen parking sign at the parking by the track to the bathroom. After I poured water all over me, I tried to run back another mile, but half—the—way through it, I was walking and experiencing imbalance, I barely could keep on walking straight; some people probably assumed that I was drunk!
One might ask: “How did you expect to survive in the desert when you were in the Army?” To be honest I hoped that either a miracle would happen and I would be able to or that I would be one of the very lucky ones who do to incapability to adjust to the climate do suffer heart attack, but do not die.
With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the only way to get hot weather profile is to die or nearly die. You must suffer a heart attack or stroke.
Later I ran 1 mile at 2200 or 10 p.m.
Nota bene: Europeans do not say 2200, they say “22.”

THIS YEAR, since March 25, 2010:

My legs did recover Very Happy
Running up the hill did not "kill" me!
At the end of the 1st mile at the highest point, I was in top 10 or so, and my time was 6:43.
When I startted thinking about speeding--up while running back down, I had to slow down. I did think about messing the back--side of my pants, but the pain in my belly did become too much to handle, and I did walk the last half to a 3/4 of a mile.
I did stop and I did stay in the woods for a couple minutes.
My final time was 18:17!

Later, I did recover a little.
I did perform 7 cheanup's, 60 situp's, and I did quit after 25 pushup's.
In the mean time my wife's daughter and I have eaten half--a--dozen donuts and did place her little boy in the swing!

It was fun!


Runs and Exercise


2 miles in 13:17 plus weights plus swimming

2 miles in 13:09 plus weights plus swimming

Repeat/interval running 5 x .25 to .3 miles at 10.0 to 10.1 miles an hour
1.35 miles total
7 miles in 56 minutes
6 on my own; 122 -70lbs; 3 bad chean--up's
and more

2 x .4 miles 10M an hour; 2 miles in under 15 minutes recovery run

2 miles in 13:14 or better
4 x .25 mile each in 1:15

1 mile in under 6:20
1 mile in 6:55
1 mile in 6:59

At present, I am trying to recover my legs -- I did overdo it last week!
Robert Kolakowski 28DEC73

My latest runs (will start coming soon):

I will try to teach you some basic streching and  warm-up's as well as terminology such as intervals and repeats.

Techno-Borg Growing Feet

Well -- if you become an NCO, I will teach you ways to go around the old school nonsense (with all due respect: the only purpose of slow jogging is getting injured -- it may help a Joe get fit, but, more likely, it will get him, or a female soldier, on a profile; however, I have seen some E-6's and E-5's who know how to get around it). This does not mean that all the old school is nonsense, just slow jogging.
This is an original idea of Mr. SSG (possibly already SFC) Marc Oravsky of JMRC Hohenfels (HHC AT INFANTRY).

-1) What am I doing? I am pushing. I have assumed that without a real program, I can achieve a 5 minutes or close to it, mile; and so far, it has been working.
What will happen when I do reach the long distance speed of 5 minutes a mile?
I will not be able to use the tread mill to make my body move faster, since the tread mill's maximum speed is 12 miles an hour or 5 minutes per mile.
What will I do?
Two things:
-1) I will go outside (and possible :) )
-2) to a great extent running up a slope can simulate faster speed;


Rules of a thumb:

-1) pure speed workout: up to 300m or about 0.2 miles; can be done at speeds exeeding both the current race pace and the goal race pace;
-2) speed stamina: 400m or about 0.25 miles; can be done at the speed exeeding the current race pace, but should not be done at the pace exeeding the goal race pace;
-3) long distance speed: over 400 m or over 0.25 miles; should not exeed the current race pace, nor the goal race pace;
-4) if you cannot perform 4 repeats and/or intervals, you are either running too fast and/or too long and/or take too short intervals in between.

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