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4 Proposals of Rule Changes and a New Soccer Game:

Felix or Felex or Felec the Cat (Female c. 14 yy)
Our 1st pet (not a child) inflicted by Tat(i)yanna E.L., I took the picture.

Neo the Kitten
Santiago's Mom's Cat: staying with US (or Herberto's kitten? or both)

4 Proposals of Rule Changes and a New Soccer Game:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
Knowing how much does the head of FIFA hate overtimes, I would like to propose a rule change that would alevate the situation. The rule change that is both simple and TV friendly.
The proposal A:
I Preliminary Matters:
Definition: Golden Goal--a goal that ends the game.
I. 1 The total time of overtime should be shortened to 28 minutes allowing extra 2 minutes for commercials.
I.2 The 5--minute pasue before the overtime should be kept.
II Main Body:
II.1 There should be 2 separate overtimes each made of two halves each 7--minutes long.
II. 2 There should be one extra and at most one substitution during each overtime (unused substitutions from the regulation time would be lost). The substitution would occur only during the 5--minute break, the change of sides during either overtime, or during a 30--second time out.
II.2.1 Each coach should be able to call one 30--second time out during each overtime when the ball is out of play.
II.3 The golden goal rule shall apply; however, the golden goal cannot be scored from a penalty kick or a free kick taken within the penalty box unless at least three players have touched the ball; moreover, the golden goal cannot be a result of a miss-kick by a goal keeper or a defender placing the ball back in the play or cannot be scored by a goal keeper backing with the ball into his own goal or throwing the ball into his or her own goal. In the previously--mentioned cases, the goal would stand; however, for the goal to become the golden goal both teams would have to either finish the over time or play for 120 seconds more (this period should allow the other team an opportunity to even the score).
II.3.1 During the  120 second--period neither team would be allowed to pass the ball back to within its own penalty box. In that case, the opposing team would get a corner kick.

"Play Action" or Proposal B:
There are too many fouls in soccer and too many dives; however, awarding cards for all of them makes the cure worse than the disease; but there may be a solution, at least in the competition such as world championships.
I With respect to common fouls that lead to the stoppage of the game each of them should be counted by a FIFA's official and confirmed during a review of the recording of the game by another FIFA's official; the same should apply to dives that did not earn the player a card, but are visible during a review.
II For each 40 of such infractions of the rules and/or ethics of the game, the FIFA should award a yellow card to the player that cannot be erased by any act of amnesty such as 2-nd phase amnesty, but are erased at the termination of the competition (in this case last whistle blown during the World Cup).
UEFA Proposal or Proposal C:
European Soccer have become over-commercialized; the disappearance of the Cup of the Cup Winners made the poorer clubs and their fans less capable of dreaming of great upsets at the national and European level. I do not believe that Cup Winner's Cup should be recalled to existence on its own, but it should become a part of the UEFA Cup.
How could it work?
I.1 The National Cup Winner's would play against each other starting from the level of virtual 64 (with many clubs getting a free pass based on the ranking), through the levels of top 32, 16, and 8.
I. 2 With only 8 clubs left, the Cup Winner's Cup participants would joint other teams in the UEFA Cup.
II. 1 Two clubs from amongst the Cup Winner's Cup who would advance the furthest within the UEFA Cup with the best (1st) points differential (2nd goals differential; 3rd goals scored--away differential;  4th defeated by a higher ranked team) would meet in the Cup Winner's Cup single--game final hosted by the club with better (1st) points differential (2-nd goals differential; 3rd goals scored--away differential;  4-th defeated by a higher ranked team).
 Amateur Tournament Soccer Proposal or Proposal D:
I. Simple and flexible rules:
I. 1. A Problem: it is just a tournament and not everyone will always come to a game.
I. 1. B Solution:  a team can have up--to 21 members; however, only 7, in the case of an outdoor game and at most 5 in the case of an indoor game can be on the field of play at any given time.Up to 14 players, outdoor game, and 11 players, indoor game, must be submitted as participating in the game to the ref before the game starts.
II Outdoor rules (promoting use of goal keeper):
II. 1 Number of players: 7 (goal keeper included).
II. 2 Size of the field: exactly half--of--the regular field (both maxima and minima).
II. 3 The size of the gaol: 7 by 21 feet instead of 8 by 24 feet.
II. 4. The penalty box: "large:" 16 yards instead of 18 yards; the penalty spot still at 12 yards, and the goal box still starts 6 yards from the goal. This should discourage rough play, and make goal keeper  into goal keeper / full back.
I would like to thank in advance for your consideration.
Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; from Bialystok, Poland and from Elizabeth, NJ; ex US Army's Infantry man (SPC); "ski vs ska"
There could be a new soccer game played on a even--sided triangular field by three teams of 7 men or women.
There would be three small goals in the middle of the field set up in a form of a triangle each let say 1.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet long.
A team would score a goal by scoring into either of two oppositions' goals.
It would loose a goal (a goal would be subtracted from their total), if they would score a goal into their own net.
No goals would be assigned against a team, otherwise.
No goalies.
The size of the triangle should be in between 21 by 21 by 21 meters and 40 by 40 by 40 meters.
The game could be played with one soccer ball.
The defense would not be able to defend within 6--feet circle, and the offense to cross the 7--feet circle. In the case of the 3rd violation by the defence, the other two teams would recieve a dead--ball penalty kicks executed from 21 yards with no other players on the field of play and all other players at least 7 yards behind the shooter.
Any violation by an attacking player from either team would result in the ball being kicked back into play by the defending team from the outer touch line.
RK (Polish Tanks of World War Two section: "Bron Pancerna")
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