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Above: more modern "squared away" with name tape etc. cold/wet weather coat of the "7th Serb Waffen SS" that 1-4 INF REG wears when playing the bad guys.


I, as a "7th Serb Waffen SS" member: worn by the US Army's OPFOR AT/Scouts of HHC 1-4 INF REG 

The greatest thing that I have done in my Class-A's was 21--shots salute to a US Army veteran in Franconia/Bavaria in Germany.

We were lead by Mr. SSG Badeaux, and Mr. SGT Ceisneros (check my spelling).

We went to a dinner afterwards: I, and another SPC,  chose veal (we were told that it was beef): it was cooked to perfection (like my father could) and served with spiced natural juices as well as cranberry sauce and orange. When I told the other SPC, Mr. Gilbert, that he should try to eat veal with the sauce, cranberry's sauce, and orange to tantalize his taste buds as mine were tantalized, he made a facial expression that was remembered for a couple months.

We were sent because the "high speeds" sent before us did do it quickly, but everyone of them did shoot at his own time: instead of three slavos of 7--seven shots there were 21--shots.

We were made of the quick, the slow, the near-geniuses, and the near-morons; but we were the everlasts; and we did much better job than the "quickies" before us.

“Good Times”

I am proud: Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28 DEC 1973 (ex-SPC US Army: Infantry; ex-PVO "meter man" attached to Elizabeth Police Department); out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; of Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.