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Training Schedule Simple Solutions
Some runners trying to keep their endocrine system high (workout less than 50 minutes in a session)
run twice a day; other runners run every day or even every day of the week twice a day.
Many of them complain of fatigue! They say that in the 7—day schedule, they cannot take a day of!
Answer: Think outside the box of 7—day week! Make a 10—day, 14--day, or 21—day schedule! And take one day off from this very schedule!

By Robert Kolakowski

My legs did recover Very Happy
Running up the hill did not "kil"l me!
At the end of the 1st mile at the highest point, I was in top 10 or so, and my time was 6:43.
When I startted thinking about speeding--up while running back down, I had to slow down. I did think about messing the back--side of my pants, but the pain in my belly did become too much to handle, and I did walk the last half to a 3/4 of a mile.
I did stop and I did stay in the woods for a couple minutes.
My final time was 18:17!

Later, I did recover a little.
I did perform 7 cheanup's, 60 situp's, and I did quit after 25 pushup's.
In the mean time my wife's daughter and I have eaten half--a--dozen donuts and did place her little boy in the swing!

It was fun!

Most Honorable Polish Military Rank
In History, Polish Chorazy's ethics have been beyond reproach!


Anthem of sovereign Poland. Slower versions have been used to please foreign overloards of Poland (1948-1989--Soviets and others).

General Maczek and his men: the only Polish commander undefeated in 1920 and 1939 and 1940 and until the end of World War Two. (AND--Logical)

================================================================================================== An Example of Ethnic Violence during World War Two within the borders of the pre--War Poland:

Sabaton, Swedish band, and Polish history

Do Progressives tell mistruths?
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef, Elizabeth, NJ
ex-SPC US Army

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Because I did learn how to shoot M-16, Super Mini, and FN MAG as well as German Weapons and many others at the age of 31-32 and did OK on the Army's Fitness Tests (my lungs as both compact and huge -- a perfection in an imperfect body), this does not mean that I have always been able to do pull--up's.
When I was 18., I did reach 250 lbs being exactly 6 feet tall; I did grow 1/2 an inch between the ages of 25 and 27, short NCO's would measure me at 6 and 1/2 inch tall and tall would write me down as 6 feet and 1 inch tall.
I could not run when I was 250 lbs heavy, but I did come back by walking for nearly 2 hours a day -- there is nearly always a way, when there is a will!

Americans, Russians, Humanity have you been ready to die for one man?


Sounds insane, does not it? But it has come close to happen!


Any time there is even as much as attempt at life of either man (in this country, USA, or in Russia), the entire Earth faces the possible wrath of the Empires: a nuclear or possibly even NBC Holocaust.


Why for one man?


Would the Red Chinese do it for their Chairman/President?


Would the Poles do it for their President, if they could?


Would the Israelis do it?



Are you ready to die for one man?


How could I even think like this?

Both Marine Corps and Army Infantry are treated worse than the rest (by the US Gov) (worse food etc.); it is not the officer’s fault, they suffer with the Joes.

Do officers milk it?


I remember when at the Warrior’s Café, all officers avoided a station with scrambled eggs; officer Unger, who did want to get the scrambled eggs, was chased away by the German civilian cook. I, being a soldier 24 hours a day 7 days a week: paying attention to detail, asked the German cook to give me eggs without any extra crumbs in them. The cook found a way of obeying instruction and satisfying me! He put crumbs on one side of the plate and the eggs on the other.

NOTA BENE: Numb Nuts! The Shot Card is for you! The government rather for you not to have any record!

I do believe that SPC Lindquist could have been retaliated against because he did make certain that not only he and I had our shot cards being harried from an impromptu football game to the sick bay, but every single Joe.

No mark was made in our Shot Cards, and yes, we did ask questions.


90% of men and women who have got out from the US armed forces would still be serving this country, if not for the Human Research; it is the greatest governmental waist, since through the association of President Kennedy, the NSA/Sundia/Sandia Labs Complex did depose Mr. Edgar Hoover (de facto vice—dictator of the USA, not a de facto dictator for only one reason: he was a homosexual), and relegated FBI to a secondary power amongst the federal agencies position.


A lot of job that they have done was “what if,” and may help US, possibly, if there is a limited nuclear war, limited NBC war, or something similar to it; however, it is unlikely that the history will unfold in exactly such a manner to make the Biomedical Unit within the Sandia/Sundia Labs into heroes!


I want a choice?

I want any one who pays taxes to be able to choose not to have to pay the portion spent on this particular classified research group.

I do understand that the US Constitution does not provide for the Democratic state, just Republic, and there is no such right as “freedom of choice,” but we do not have to limit ourselves to the Constitution.


Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef;

Born 28DEC73;

Elizabeth, NJ, 07202.

How demoralized were the Poles by the late September?

Please show this direct quote to any Polish imbecile who believes that nazi were cool. It should chill his or her enthusiasm (it is a quote taken from Hitler's speech just before the invasion of Poland, and the so-called Armenian part is not quoted. Source: English Wikipedia)
Unsere Stärke ist unsere Schnelligkeit und unsere Brutalität. Dschingis Khan hat Millionen Frauen und Kinder in den Tod gejagt, bewußt und fröhlichen Herzens. Die Geschichte sieht in ihm nur den großen Staatengründer. Was die schwache westeuropäische Zivilisation über mich behauptet, ist gleichgültig. Ich habe den Befehl gegeben — und ich lasse jeden füsilieren, der auch nur ein Wort der Kritik äußert — daß das Kriegsziel nicht im Erreichen von bestimmten Linien, sondern in der physischen Vernichtung des Gegners besteht. So habe ich, einstweilen nur im Osten, meine Totenkopfverbände bereitgestellt mit dem Befehl, unbarmherzig und mitleidslos Mann, Weib und Kind polnischer Abstammung und Sprache in den Tod zu schicken. Nur so gewinnen wir den Lebensraum, den wir brauchen
 ski vs ska
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; from Bialystok and Elziabeth, NJ, 07202.

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Check it out--if you love True Freedom support this web site and buy below!

Marines say that they are number 1?
It is impossible, since no one has ever defeated (AT/SCOUTS HHC) 1-4 INF REG OPFOR JMRC HOHENFELS.
Once they defeat my favorite unit, they will be (future tense) number 1!
There were three casualties (one more form HHC: the Scouts' Platoon and another); I , representing AT/Infantry Platoon, was the most splendid of the greatest. This is why, they took the picture of me; but any other year, they would have taken picture of either of them, if I were not present.
Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef; born 28DEC73; out of Eugenia Kolakowska nee Zielinska; "ski vs ska;" from Bialystok (Podlasie, Poland) and Elizabeth (NJ/USA; 07202). 
Moreover, I must give credit to the soldier or NCO who did take care of me in this picture; he neither tried to puke onto me, nor did say that I was rotting from inside. He was as very calm and very professional.

I am the "casualty" in the 2006 Soldier/NCO Comp.
within US Army Europe (The Best Casualty!)



My OPFOR JMRC Hohenfels Uniform
A Replica of 7th Serb Waffen SS "Bad Guys"

My Class B Uniform From My Basic/AIT

Music of my Childhood



Welcome to Running with a Joe.

More to come!

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"JMRC -- Train to Win!"
"Infantry: Follow me!"
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My "Blue--cord" Class A Uniform
Blue--cord stands for Infantry!

Soldiers Basic Knowledge Page: I remember my DS (not from my Platoon, but out Company) Mr. SSG (P) Asberry at Ft Bening, he did explain to us something that every soldier should know (it can save lives; I will demonstrate later with an example from the Military Channel): How does a hand grenade kill? Choose the best answer (both are correct, one is more correct than the other): a) shock wave, b) Shrapnel. OK It is shock wave. How come? Watch the movie , or read carefully: a hand grenade is small, and its walls do expand very rapidly moving huge quantities of air the film makers who show the soldiers flying through the air after a hand grenade explodes exaggerate only a little, if at all. Example: simply watch the end of the movie (one hour) about the clearing of a holly city in Iraq; a squad of Joes or Marines throws their six hand grenades away (nota bene: if they were from HHC 1-4 INF REG in JMRC Hohenfels their leader would face UCMJ; not so in case of Bravo, Charlie, or Alpha companies, since they are not held to as a high standard as we have been in the Head Quarters Company) to possibly kill one wounded three times man who disappeared behind a wall. Later on, their buddy, who goes behind the wall walks in front of a window, and sees an insurgent with enormous amount of firearms and explosives. He hides by the window and tries to shoot him with a rifle. If he still had a hand grenade, all he would have needed would be to arm it, count 1001, 1002, and toss it in while falling away from the wall. Why the cookoff, so the insurgent would not toss it back at him. Their buddy dies because they do not know the most basic principle of how does the hand grenade primarily kill! Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef, born 28DEC73, out of Eugenia Kolakowska, ex-SPC US Army HHC OPFOR 1-4 INF BAT JMRC Hohenfels, Franconia--Bavaria, Germany Elizabeth, NJ (Bialystok, Podlasie)